Kiev Zhuliany Airport Taxi

By taxi you can transfer from Kyiv International Airport Zhuliany to Kyiv downtown within 30 minutes, since it is located at 9 kilometres.

Aside of public transport, taxi turns to be the most popular, efficient and safe way to get to Kyiv. It is recommended to hail a taxi outside public transport stations and hotels since you’ll find the most professional and experienced taxis.


Find the taxi ranks outside the Arrivals and Departures hall, in the pick-up and drop off area of the International Terminal A.


The following taxi companies are available in the taxi ranks 24 hours at the taxi ranks of Kyiv International Airport:

- Panda Taxi: +38 044 379 0079
- Absolut Taxi: +38 044 500 9595
- Optima Taxi: +38 800 508 579


Estimated fares to transfer to Kyiv are around UAH 12.00, but if you book it at the airport the final fare will be UAH 70.00.

You can try to negotiate fares with the driver in order to get a better fare and ask to turn on the taximeter just to register the cost of your ride. Foreigners tend to pay surprisingly more than locals – Negotiate!

Share a car

Sharing car apps are a useful way to get to your destination at a reduced cost comparing to the above options. You can consider to share your ride with more people or simply join another one’s trip.

Local taxi apps such as Uklon or Hopin, can help you to move around. Other apps like Uber or BlaBlaCar may be useful for your trip to any of the cities nearby.